NOMOPHOBIA a short film directed by Ado Hasanović 

LOGLINE (168 characters)

An afternoon like many others in the provinces of Tuscany, central Italy, has an unexpected twist when a mother decides to confiscate her teenager daughter’s telephone. 

LONG SYNOPSIS (1138 characters)

MARIA (44) is about to finish cooking lunch when her daughter JESSICA (17) arrives home after school. The mother has just been to the parents-teachers meeting and feels totally disappointed by Jessica’s grades. Nevertheless, as soon as she tries to introduce the topic she ends up talking alone: the teenager is too busy texting with her best friend. Exasperated after the umpteenth try, the woman grabs her daughter’s phone and says she will not have it back until she will start studying in a serious way, prohibiting Facebook as well. Jessica, desperate, tries by any means necessary to take the phone back: now it is her who begs for a dialogue with the other one. Her mother seems unmovable: no phone and no Facebook until she will get a good mark and be back on track. Anyway, for Jessica it is unacceptable to be left without social networks… 

SHORT SYNOPSIS (318 characters)

After a terrible parents-teachers meeting, Maria tries to put her daughter Jessica back on track. But there is a third wheel interfering in their chat: Jessica’s phone, by which the girl is totally absorbed. The mother soon decides to grab the phone, not considering the consequences that her decision might provoke… 


DIRECTOR’S NOTE (819 characters)

The film is shot in a one long-take. To give a more realistic and spontaneous touch to the story I used a hand camera to follow closely my two characters in their space. In particular, there is a moment that distinguishes itself from all the others for its ambition and complexity: for these reasons I decided to turn to small, light and easily handleable equipment. Close-ups and medium close-ups are the mainly used frames, in order to capture mother and daughter conflicting emotions. Cinematography embraces cold tones to underline the empty and dry relationship between the women and the daughter’s impersonal and virtual life. It is my intention to show these human characters for what they actually are, in both their dramatic and absurd faces: my glance will not be the one of a judge, rather a very empathic one. 



Italy 2018 – Fiction – Digital – 1.85 – Dolby 5.1 – O.V. Italian – 14’ 45” 

Produced by Ado Hasanovic 

Co producer: Elisa Bondavalli, Fabrizio Iotti, Nema Problema Onlus 

Production: Admon Film in co production with Nema Problema Onlus 

Filmed: 6 May 2018 Completed: 7 August, 2018 

Screening format: H264 mov file, Pro Res file, DCP 


Distribution: Premiere Film




cast LISA GRANUZZA DI VITA, TIZIANA BAGATELLA story and screenplay ELISA BONDAVALLI director of photography JURI FANTIGROSSI camera operator LEONARDO KURTZ editing GIULIA FLORIA ANDORKA music BORIS RICCARDO D’AGOSTINO set design ANGELICA MORELLI costume design SERENA MANFREDINI sound and boom operator BIAGIO GURRIERI sound design and mix LIVIO PAULET line producer CHIARA CRUCIATTI producer and director ADO HASANOVIĆ