Ado Hasanović’s Nomophobia won the BHFF 2019 Golden Apple Jury Award in New York City

New York City, April 14, 2018 – The Bosnian-Herzegovinian Film Festival (BHFF) in New York City is excited to announce the winners of the Golden Apple Awards for the 16th annual event! The winners of the BHFF 2019 Golden Apple Jury Awards were selected by this year’s esteemed jurors: renowned filmmaker Ademir Kenović, cinematographer Tatjana Krstevski, and visual culture scholar Aleksandar Bošković.

NEW YORK CITY: Nomofobia won Golden Apple Jury Award for Best Short Film

Ado Hasanović’s NOMOPHOBIA won the BHFF 2019 Golden Apple Jury Award for Best Short Film. NOMOPHOBIA offers an unflinching look at the conflict between a mother and daughter, and explores the broader issue of generational gaps between parents and their children. With a dramatic ending, the film leaves us with probing questions about the challenges of coming of age in the era of modern technology and social networks.

BHFF 2019 Jury statement: NOMOPHOBIA by Ado Hasanovic delivers the convincing and passionate story about the alienating effects produced by the contemporary society’s illness defined as the fear of being left without the cellphone. Special quality of this film is it’s visual precision and capability of capturing the key moments of this addiction, through the visual cinematic twist.


Nomofobia won “Best Film – Future Generation” at PIFF 2019

Ado Hasanovic director of short film Nomofobia won first award at Pordenone International Film Festival in North of Italy.

Tiziana Bagatella, the main protagonist of the short film Nomofobia attended the festival and accepted the award.

This year’s theme of the festival was: “Not only drugs, young people and addictions”

Addictions are the subject of a survey that has been archieved in middle and high schools of all Italy, on the occasion of the 4th edition of the campaigning “Discovering the human body”, initiative that has been promoted by Scientific Societies under the auspices of the Ministry of Public Education.

Answers from 13360 teenagers have shown their awareness about the new forms of dependence, technology and doping at first. Teenagers recognize in technologies the main cause of abuse behaviours, not related to substances; in fact, 88 teenagers on 100 think this way.

Here is the league table: videogames (49%), computers (44%), television and mobile phones (37%). In 54% of cases new technologies are considered the most widespread among young people.

Still images of the short film Nomofobia (2018)

The short film speaks about the illness of our century: “Nomofobia” is in fact a neologis born out of the crasis between the words “no-mobile phobia”, which literally defines the fear of not having the telephone by your side. It might sound like a very remote disorder, but what people may ignore is that 53% of the British population are already affected by this disease and Italy itself is the third country in the world for number of smartphones.

The story was inspired by a real fact that took place in 2015 in our country when a 17-year-old girl murdered her mother because she had taken her telephone away and prohibited to use the computer.

Nomofobia is a short film that is shot in a single 14-minute long take. This was a Bosnian-Italian co-production. It is produced by Admon Film (Bosnia and Herzegovina) in co-production with Nema Problema Onlus (Italy).

Tiziana Bagatella on stage presenting the short film Nomofobia at PIFF 2019