Ado Hasanović

- Film Director - Film Festival Programmer -



Ado Hasanović is a Bosnian-Italian filmmaker based in Rome. Born in 1986 in Srebrenica, Bosnia and Herzegovina (Ex. Yugoslavia). From 2008 to 2011, he served as the Artistic Director of the Srebrenica Short Film Festival, “Srebrena Traka.” 

An alumnus of Berlinale Talents Sarajevo in 2008, Ado completed the Norwegian Nansen Academy with a focus on interethnic dialogue in 2010. He graduated from the Sarajevo Film Academy as a director in 2013 and furthered his education at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Rome, specializing as a director.

Since 2015, he has been the Artistic Director of the Mediterranean Short Film Festival “Passaggi d’Autore” in Sant’Antioco, Sardinia. 

Ado has won numerous international awards for his short films, including “The Angel of Srebrenica,” “Blue Viking in Sarajevo,” “Mum,” “Breath of Life Srebrenica,” “Pink Elephant,” “Nomophobia,” and “Let There Be Color.”  In 2017, he completed a Master’s in Dramaturgy at the Academy of Performing Arts in Sarajevo. Starting from 2023, he has taken on the role of short film selector for the Balkan Film Festival in Rome. He is also the creator of “Cortovisioni – How to Make a Short Film,” a workshop format in which he teaches how to create a short film from the initial idea to post-production. Ado has recently finished his debut documentary, “My Father’s Diaries,” produced by Palomar (Italy) and Mediawan (France).




Produced by Admon Film

short doc, 3 min, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Sead Delic (1971), originally from Srebrenica, currently works as a truck driver in the USA. After 19 years, he returned to Bosnia and Herzegovina and visited the Memorial Center in Potocari. There, he visited the graves of family members killed in the 1995 Srebrenica Genocide

MAMA (2013)

Produced by Sarajevo Film Academy

 short fiction, 14 min, Bosnia and Herzegovina

A Bosnian woman, released from prison after 13 years for her husband’s murder, returns home to find her son and his pregnant girlfriend planning to emigrate illegally to Australia. Tensions escalate, leading to violence and a shattered travel plan. The mother, desperate to stop them, rushes to the airport, but the turn of events changes the girl’s mind. In the end, three separate taxis carry them away. The question remains: to where?


Produced by Sarajevo Film Academy

short doc, 17′, Bosnia and Herzegovina

“The Blue Viking in Sarajevo” is a film that portrays a Latin American whose background includes three nationalities – Argentinean, Chilean, and Uruguayan. Emilio started performing street dance in Chile at the age of 19. He had visited 65 states, and then he found himself on the streets of Sarajevo. The capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina has become his home, and new friends have become his family. 


Produced by Admon Film

short doc, 25′, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy

The film focuses on young students who attended the “Bambini di Sarajevo” (Children of Sarajevo) elementary school in Crespellano (Bologna-Italy) during 1994-97, when Bosnia and Herzegovina was immersed in war. The new generations now attending this school don’t know why their school is named “Bambini di Sarajevo”. 20 years since war ended, and seven young students, with support of their Municipality, embark upon a two week journey in BiH in order to learn more about the meaning of their school’s name.


Produced by Admon Film & Rosa Film

short documentary, 15′, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy

 On September, 8 2019 Sarajevo hosts its first Pride March. Are people ready to march for love or hate?


Produced by Admon Film

short fiction, 14′, Bosnia and Herzegovina

 An afternoon like many others in the provinces of Tuscany, central Italy, has an unexpected twist when a mother decides to confiscate her teenager daughter’s telephone. 


Produced by Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia

short fiction, 17′, Italy

The film is about a Bosnian bourgeois family welcoming back the studying-abroad daughter and his new Italian boyfriend. After the initial enthusiasm, things start to change when the father notices a tattoo on her daughter’s back.


Produced by Admon Film, Hubris Pictures 

short doc, 25′, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy, The Netherlands, Germany

Law students of Leiden and Sarajevo universities try to understand the role of justice before and after having interviewed some survivors of the Srebrenica genocide. Was justice served then? And did the international community do enough in the process of raising awareness around this tragedy?


Produced by Via Media Sarajevo

short fiction, 6′, Bosnia and Herzegovina

The film tells about how a perfect day in the little Bosnian town, Srebrenica, looks like nowadays. The town shows visibly the scars of the recent war. The angel appears in the form of a ballerina in the Guber Spa, the source of life in Srebrenica. The angel is driven by curiosity and appears at the Memorial Center. While walking through the cemetery, the angel is overwhelmed by endless sadness and lets the torrent of emotions flow.


Produced by the European Parliament Office in Milan, Italy, in association with Oratori di Gratosoglio Milano / Babelia & C. – progetti culturali / ADMON FILM   (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

short documentary, 18′, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Italy

The short film highlights the feelings, fears and dreams of the young authors who observed the outside world and Europe immersed in the pandemic while being locked inside their homes.

Ado Hasanovic is a film director residing in Rome, originally from Bosnia and Herzegovina (formerly Yugoslavia)


Ado Hasanović